STAT Health has unveiled a groundbreaking wearable device that measures blood flow to the head. This device can help understand symptoms like dizziness, brain fog, and fatigue that occur when standing up, commonly experienced by millions of persons with conditions such as long COVID, POTS, and ME/CFS.

According to Dr. Peter Rowe, a professor at Johns Hopkins Medicine, poor CBF is the underlying cause of common orthostatic symptoms like dizziness and brain fog. However, measuring CBF accurately has been difficult for most clinics, leading them to rely on secondary metrics like heart rate and blood pressure, which often yield misleading results. This can result in incorrect conclusions that the symptoms are solely psychological rather than stemming from physiological abnormalities.

To overcome these challenges, STAT Health’s wearable device utilizes an optical sensor instead of ultrasound technology. It accesses a shallow ear artery to measure a proxy for ultrasound-derived cerebral blood flow, allowing for a wearable and convenient form factor.

Clinically tested and peer-reviewed, the device can predict fainting episodes in advance. It is a convenient and non-invasive alternative to ultrasound, offering valuable insights into these «invisible illnesses.» This innovation has the potential to improve diagnosis and treatment strategies for affected individuals, leading to better management of their symptoms.

Article written by Syed Hamza Sohail 



HIT Consultant