Sanofi is committed to becoming the first pharma company powered by AI at scale, marking a significant step in their digital transformation journey.

The pharmaceutical company, has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) application called Plai to provide a comprehensive view of its activities and support decision-making. The platform aims to transform the company’s practices in medicine by increasing productivity and incorporating AI across all teams, including research, clinical operations, and manufacturing. Using multiple AI programs, Sanofi aims to reduce research time, improve mRNA research for vaccine development, and rethink clinical trials. The application also leverages AI to optimize manufacturing performance and predict inventory shortages.

Sanofi has been actively investing in AI, including partnerships with companies like Amunix Pharmaceuticals and Exscientia. This move reflects the growing trend of pharmaceutical companies embracing AI to enhance drug development and patient care.

Article written by Zoey Becker



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