Sun Genomics, has developed the world’s first fully customizable multivitamin called Floré Multi-V. The idea behind this innovation is to address the challenges faced by people who rely on a variety of pills for their nutritional needs, often without knowing the proper dosage or quality of the supplements they are taking.

Floré Multi-V is specifically designed for healthcare practitioners working with patients and is available through Sun Genomics’ clinical program, Floré Clinical. The program allows doctors to submit formulations based on tests and assessments that identify nutrient deficiencies in patients. Sun Genomics then leverages advanced technologies and data-driven insights to provide precise nutrients tailored to optimize the patient’s health and well-being.

By partnering with practitioners, Sun Genomics aims to empower individuals with personalized nutrition and gut health solutions. Floré Multi-V simplifies the supplement routine by offering a single-capsule solution, reducing what Sunny Jain refers to as «capsule fatigue.

Article written by  KAREN PEARLMAN



San Diego Business Journal

Launching World’s First Fully Customizable Multivitamin – San Diego Business Journal (