The Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) has introduced the Policymaker & Payor DTx Evaluation Toolkit, a comprehensive set of resources aimed at promoting the adoption and integration of clinically evaluated digital therapeutics (DTx) in healthcare worldwide.

The toolkit provides clarity and guidance to healthcare decision-makers responsible for evaluating and implementing DTx in real-world settings. It includes foundation setting materials, DTx assessment guides, and implementation resources, covering areas such as clinical and economic impact, privacy, security, usability, and evidence requirements.

The toolkit aims to harmonize requirements and facilitate the scaling of therapies across populations enabling the equitable and personalized delivery of high-quality healthcare globally. It also offers insights into the benefits and challenges of developing and implementing DTx in clinical care, and educates decision-makers on evaluation processes and metrics for assessing clinical benefits, risks, and patient preferences.

The tools are available for free and open access to all.

Article written by  DTX Alliance/ Image by mHealth



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