Eko Health has launched the CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope, a next-generation tool for heart and lung disease detection. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) software, high-fidelity audio, a full-color display, and a 3-lead electrocardiogram (ECG), the CORE 500 aims to enhance diagnostic accuracy and early disease detection. When paired with Eko Health’s AI algorithms, the stethoscope can quickly detect leading indicators of heart disease, assisting healthcare professionals in identifying various cardiac conditions with increased accuracy.

The CORE 500 provides real-time patient auscultation data on its display, including heart rate and ECG tracing, while also offering features such as sound amplification, active noise cancellation, and audio filtering. The stethoscope is designed for use across various clinical specialties and is made from durable, lightweight material with a long-lasting battery. It is compatible with Eko Health’s SENSORA Cardiac Disease Detection Platform and can seamlessly integrate with Eko Live Stream for real-time data recording and analysis.

The CORE 500 has received FDA 510(k) clearance and is available exclusively on Eko Health’s website.

Article written by  Charles Sternberg