Around 10,000 people in the North East region of the UK will participate in a trial of the PocDoc Lipid Test, a home-based cholesterol testing kit.

The trial aims to determine if the test can alleviate the burden on GP surgeries and provide greater accessibility to testing. The instant results from the test can expedite diagnosis, potentially preventing the development of cardiovascular disease and improving patient outcomes.

The pilot program focuses on expanding access to cholesterol testing outside of GP surgeries, including at-home, high street, workplace, and community settings. It began in May, collaborating with participating practices in Newcastle and a business in the Cleveland area, with a particular emphasis on high-risk patients in disadvantaged communities.

The PocDoc test involves downloading the PocDoc app, completing a health questionnaire, performing a finger prick test, using a lateral flow test, and capturing a photo of the test using the app. Results are received immediately via the app, along with a personalized health assessment.

Article written by  Cora Lydon



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