Healium, a company that offers virtual and augmented reality experiences based on biofeedback, has received $3.6 million in seed funding and partnered with Mayo Clinic for the development of mental health and fitness experiences.

Healium uses immersive media to provide non-harmful coping mechanisms for mental wellness and sleep.

The biofeedback aspect of Healium involves using wearables like an EEG meditation headband or pairing an Apple Watch to monitor brain patterns and heart rate. The media in these experiences reacts and responds to the user’s physiology, helping to downshift the nervous system and provide healing. Healium’s core technology allows for the generation and modification of XR content based on various physiological data, leveraging generative AI. In healthcare, Healium is used for stress reduction, burnout, and self-regulation of brain patterns and heart rate. It is also utilized in schools, the military, and by elite athletes.

The company has partnered with Revibe Chair for combining vibration and stories during the Healium experience and with OVR Technology to integrate aroma for enhanced immersion and relaxation.

Article written by  Jessica Hagen



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