The Government of Catalonia has made a commitment to prioritize the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) both within the government and throughout the country. This initiative, known as Catalonia.AI, aims to establish the Artificial Intelligence Strategy of Catalonia, with the ambitious goal of transforming Catalonia into a leading global hub for AI technology.

Recognizing the profound impact of AI on society and the economy, Catalonia seeks to capitalize on its existing strengths and capabilities to excel in this field. The region boasts impressive research and innovation capabilities, advanced infrastructures in supercomputing and robotics, robust telecommunications networks, and a strong track record in attracting investments and talent. Additionally, Barcelona’s prominence as the mobile world capital and the host of major technological fairs like the MWC further bolsters Catalonia’s potential as an AI powerhouse.

The Artificial Intelligence Strategy of Catalonia analyzes these strengths and outlines a comprehensive plan to achieve its vision. The primary objectives include fostering the AI ecosystem in Catalonia, positioning the region as a key player in Europe’s AI landscape, and establishing Catalonia, especially Barcelona, as a global AI core. Accomplishing these goals involves creating, retaining, and attracting specialized AI talent, promoting research and innovation in the field, and developing an open repository of data to facilitate access.

To ensure widespread adoption of AI, the strategy emphasizes the need to encourage companies and institutions to integrate AI technologies into their operations. Additionally, the government aims to promote AI training for professionals and citizens, while also informing the public about the positive impact of AI on their well-being.

Language preservation is also a priority, with efforts directed towards maintaining the use of the Catalan language in AI applications employed by companies and institutions.

Moreover, the strategy emphasizes the importance of sustainable, inclusive, safe, and fair AI development in Catalonia.

Overall, Catalonia.AI represents a bold and forward-looking initiative that aims to leverage AI technology for the betterment of society and economic growth, positioning Catalonia as a global leader in the AI revolution. By capitalizing on its existing strengths and fostering a supportive AI ecosystem, Catalonia is determined to realize its vision of becoming a technological world pole in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Article written by Generalitat de Catalunya



Government of Catalonia