Lindus Health and Dopavision, a digital health start-up, have initiated a groundbreaking clinical trial in the UK aimed at addressing short-sightedness, or myopia, in children. This trial aims to assess the safety, tolerability, and potential clinical effects of MyopiaX, an innovative therapeutic intervention developed to manage pediatric myopia. MyopiaX is a light-based, non-invasive technology designed to stimulate the eye’s natural production of dopamine, a molecule that plays a crucial role in regulating eye growth. By using blue light to modulate the dopamine pathway in myopic eyes, MyopiaX offers a novel therapeutic option for myopia control.

The trial enrolls children between 6 and 12 years old with progressive myopia and refractive errors ranging from -0.75D to -5.00D.

Dopavision, which specializes in developing therapeutic medical devices for ophthalmology, considers MyopiaX to be the first treatment of its kind to enter the clinical stage. Lindus Health will handle the execution of the trial, including site selection, participant recruitment, data collection, and regulatory submissions. They will leverage their clinical trial system to optimize various aspects of the study.

MyopiaX has the potential to become the first clinically validated digital myopia intervention that targets this critical biological mechanism in growing eyes. The first results from the trial are expected to be available in early 2024. This research represents a promising step towards managing the progression of juvenile myopia with a unique therapeutic approach.

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