Dawn Health has launched a patient companion App called Ekiva-MS, developed in collaboration with Novartis, to support people living with multiple sclerosis (PlwMS).

The App aims to empower patients in their chronic MS care and address unmet needs, especially in understanding disease activity and receiving support in the remote at-home setting.

The app, cocreated with patients, offers patients additional insights into their disease activity, aiming to enable shared decision making with their healthcare providers (HCPs) thus optimizing care and improving the quality of consultations.

Ekiva-MS provides personalized data-driven conversations with healthcare providers (HCPs) by tracking symptoms and quality of life, collecting passive data, and utilizing digital biomarkers. This holistic view of each patient’s experiences with MS helps them prepare for HCP consultations and enables more informed decision-making. Ekiva-MS aims to address the highly individual and unpredictable nature of MS, facilitating personalized care and helping to reduce uncertainty and concern between HCP interactions.

The collaboration between Dawn Health and Novartis has resulted in a rapid 6-month development and launch of Ekiva-MS, showcasing the potential of digital health to enhance patient care efficiently.

Article written by Dawn Health A/S 



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