The company Lura Health has developed a tiny, wireless oral sensor for saliva monitoring. The initial focus is on measuring saliva acidity to help prevent tooth decay, which is a widespread global health condition with dental expenditures reaching $162 billion in the U.S. alone.

The company plans to submit the sensor for FDA de novo classification in late 2024, with further indications in the future, such as measuring glucose for diabetes, electrolytes, and metabolic panel elements for kidney and heart disease.

The sensors use two types of wireless charging systems, making them practical for everyday use. They envision expanding the application of their technology to medication monitoring, providing real-time feedback on medication efficacy, compliance, and dosage, potentially saving costs and increasing convenience for patients.

The company has already completed its first in-human clinical study and obtained a nonsignificant-risk designation, allowing them to use the technology in patients under IRB oversight before FDA approval. They are also pursuing partnerships with pharmaceutical developers to start measuring medication levels with their sensors.

Article written by Jim Hammerand



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