The dreaded obstacle of the blood-brain barrier, which limits the effectiveness of medications, could finally be overcome thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Dallas-based drug discovery company, Lantern Pharma, has developed highly accurate AI algorithms that can predict blood-brain barrier permeability with an astonishing 89-92% accuracy.

The blood-brain barrier has been a daunting challenge for treatments against brain and central nervous system (CNS) cancers. This barrier acts as a rigorous and selective filter, blocking approximately 98% of small molecule drugs and all macromolecular therapies, restricting the potential scope of treatments for these complex conditions.

The current approach to evaluating blood-brain barrier permeability is costly and labor-intensive, hindering progress in discovering drugs for brain cancer. However, Lantern Pharma has made a significant breakthrough by using their innovative AI algorithm, which can predict blood-brain barrier permeability with surprising precision. The highly accurate AI BBB permeability prediction algorithms use a combination of proprietary automated feature selection methods along with specialized hyper parameter optimization that integrates algorithms using an ensemble approach to quickly provide a compound’s BBB permeability range. This approach allows for high throughput and ultra-fast BBB permeability analysis compared to traditional discovery and evaluation methods.

This has led to the development of their leading candidate, STAR-001, which has demonstrated permeability through the blood-brain barrier and promising potency in in vitro and in vivo brain cancer models. Additionally, they have presented encouraging preclinical results for LP-184, which could be more effective than current therapies for glioblastoma.

Lantern Pharma’s success showcases the power of artificial intelligence in CNS drug research and opens up new possibilities for treating brain and neurodegenerative diseases. Their high-speed screening of thousands of molecules could drastically accelerate drug discovery and revolutionize the treatment of brain conditions.

With these exciting advances in drug research, we may be closer than ever to overcoming the blood-brain barrier and providing hope to patients with brain and CNS cancers.

Article written by Nicole Leber



Business Wire