GoodRx, an online pharmacy and telehealth app, is trying to take it a step further by launching a digital “medicine cabinet.” The idea is to create a one-stop shop that allows people to check price comparisons, get reminders and refills, and even earn financial rewards for taking their meds.GoodRx’s Medicine Cabinet addresses barriers to adherence beyond forgetfulness by providing an Action Center to highlight daily treatment tasks, recommending pharmacies with the best prices, and automatically populating previous prescriptions filled with GoodRx.

The app aims to incentivize people to stick with their medication regimen through small financial rewards. Early beta tests showed that users enrolled in the Medicine Cabinet claimed prescriptions 400 percent more than non-users. However, the effectiveness of financial incentives in building long-term healthy habits remains a topic of debate.

While the approach is more holistic, the app doesn’t address challenges like drug shortages, which can affect medication adherence. GoodRx is hopeful it can leverage its price tracking data in the future to help users navigate these issues.

Article written by Victoria Song,



The Verge