Teva UK has introduced GoResp Digihaler, a novel inhaler system that enables adult patients with asthma and COPD to self-manage their condition effectively and share their data with healthcare professionals. This launch marks the first of its kind in the UK, making it the first European country to offer this innovative inhaler system.

The GoResp Digihaler is an integrated device equipped with built-in sensors that can detect and record objective data on the patient’s inhaler usage and ability to use it, including inspiratory flow classification. This data is then transmitted via Bluetooth to a connected patient app, allowing users to monitor their inhaler use and share reports with their healthcare teams through an online healthcare professional dashboard, email, or face-to-face appointments.

Inadequate inhaler technique and inconsistent adherence to medication are significant contributors to poor asthma control. By utilizing the Teva digital inhaler system, patients can gain valuable insights into how well they are managing their condition. The connected app provides information on the effectiveness of inhalation based on the inspiratory flow rate and can also send medication reminders to patients.

Kim Innes, general manager of Teva UK & Ireland, emphasized that this system will support both patients and healthcare professionals in managing asthma and COPD patients more effectively, signifying a major milestone for the company and its commitment to improving patient lives.

Article written by Cora Lydon/ Image by News Wire



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