Bayer, a prominent pharmaceutical company, has taken a significant step in its pursuit of revolutionizing consumer health by partnering with Mahana Therapeutics, a San Francisco-based developer of digital therapeutics (DTx) for chronic health conditions.

Mahana gained recognition for its FDA-approved digital therapy, Mahana IBS, aimed at individuals with irritable bowel syndrome. This three-month cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) course assists users in tracking symptoms and offers guidance for behavioral and cognitive adjustments. Clinical trials demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing symptoms when used alongside existing IBS therapies.

This partnership, valued in the «multi-million-dollar» range, will provide a new distribution and marketing channel for Mahana’s portfolio of DTx for various chronic conditions. Bayer’s vision aligns with Mahana’s objectives in enabling individuals to take charge of their personal health through digital solutions, facilitating informed decisions based on personal insights and innovative delivery methods.

Article written by Phil Taylor



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