Click Therapeutics, Inc. has joined forces with pharmaceutical company Indivior to create Prescription Digital Therapeutics for Substance Use Disorders. This collaboration holds significant promise, as Indivior already has a pipeline of clinical treatments for substance and opioid abuse.

The primary focus of this partnership will be the development of a mobile application called CT-102, designed to address Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). CT-102 will offer a unique combination of evidence-based behavioral therapy and personalized neuromodulatory interventions, all facilitated by Click’s advanced AI-enabled platform. This approach ensures that each patient receives customized care tailored to their specific needs.

Click Therapeutics will take the lead in the development process, guided by a patient-centric approach and utilizing their proprietary Digital Therapeutics (DTx) technology. Meanwhile, Indivior brings its expertise in successfully commercializing treatments for substance use disorders to the table.

This exciting collaboration between Click Therapeutics and Indivior holds the promise of advancing treatment options for individuals with Substance Use Disorders, particularly in the context of Opioid Use Disorder, and represents a significant milestone in the field of Digital Therapeutics.

Article written by Andrea Parks| Image by Pixaby



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