The Health ChatGPT, known as iaGEMA, is now a reality and is set to revolutionize clinical practice in the field of asthma prevention. Developed in collaboration with the Spanish guide for treating asthma (GEMA 5.3) and Luzán 5 Health Advice, this innovative tool incorporates conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the consultation of clinical practice guidelines. Its primary goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, ultimately benefiting patients.

Traditional guideline formats often require time-consuming searches, which AI can simplify, enhancing the experience for both doctors and patients. Users can access the tool through the GEMA website and simply type their questions into the chat. The system provides immediate responses, and users can refine their queries based on the information received. The app version of iaGEMA is scheduled for launch in October.

iaGEMA harnesses machine learning techniques to interact naturally and effectively with users in a controlled environment. Victor González, Director of the Tech & Data Unit at Luzán 5, explains that the tool’s effectiveness lies in its comprehensive training, enabling it to provide human-like responses. Deep learning technology plays a crucial role in this training process, allowing the AI to continually improve its interactions and reliability.

The project is Sponsored by GSK, and with the support of the Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (Separ) and sixteen other scientific societies across Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

Article written by Nation World News| Image by Unsplash



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