Pfizer has announced its commitment to provide clinical trial participants with consistent and reliable access to their individual data through its Participant Data Return initiative. This initiative acknowledges the importance of empowering participants with their data, allowing them to make informed decisions about their health beyond their trial participation. Research has shown that individuals who have access to their trial data achieve better health outcomes, promoting health information equity.

Pfizer has been working towards this goal for several years, starting with the development of a platform in 2015 for participants to access aggregate results securely. In 2021, they began offering plain-language summaries of clinical trial results to improve participant understanding. In 2023, Pfizer is taking a significant step by committing to return individual clinical trial data to participants in the U.S., with plans to expand this capability globally.

Participants will receive their data, including demographics, treatment information, adverse events, and more, about twelve months after completing the trial. The data will be presented in a visual and easily understandable format based on health literacy principles and participant preferences.

Pfizer aims to make Participant Data Return an industry standard and is collaborating with industry partners to share best practices. They are also contributing to projects dedicated to improving the return of clinical trial data to study participants, with the ultimate goal of ensuring access to individual trial data for all participants worldwide, promoting better health outcomes and health information equity. Pfizer encourages others in the industry to join them in this important endeavor.

Article written by Aida Habtezion| Image