During HUAWEI CONNECT 2023, Huawei hosted its inaugural Intelligent Healthcare Summit under the theme «Build a Digital Health Community to Accelerate Intelligent Healthcare.» The company introduced its Digital Medical Technology Solution aimed at advancing the healthcare industry’s transition to smart technologies.

The Huawei Digital Medical Technology Solution establishes a unified framework leveraging cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence to enhance medical imaging services globally. Its key features include hospital-wide data integration, multi-protocol and copy-free capabilities, lossless compression, SmartCache 2.0 AI prefetching, and video-network collaboration. This solution enables the rapid viewing of over 1000 images and pathology slices in seconds, leading to a 30% reduction in storage requirements and a 70% decrease in equipment room space. It also ensures accurate, efficient, and consistent image analysis and diagnosis services.

One successful application of this solution is seen in the regional medical imaging platform project of the Longgang District Health Bureau in Shenzhen. This platform enables 12 local hospitals to connect and share medical image data seamlessly. It provides one-click access to imaging reports and allows for the mutual recognition of examination results among hospitals. This utilization of data enhances patient care efficiency, and regional imaging resources are distributed more effectively.

Huawei continues to expand its innovation and investments in the field of intelligent healthcare. To date, Huawei has served more than 5000 hospitals and research institutions in over 90 countries and regions, while also collaborating with over 3300 ecosystem partners.

Article written by PRNewswire| Image by Huawei