Novo Nordisk has entered into a partnership with Valo Health, a computational drug discovery company, to tap into the potential of artificial intelligence in drug development. This partnership may result in up to 11 preclinical programs focused on cardiometabolic disorders.

Valo Health employs Opal, a computational technology platform, to identify and validate druggable targets and assess the safety and efficacy of molecules. The three cardiovascular disease programs included in this deal were developed using Opal, although the specific targets remain undisclosed. Novo Nordisk plans to leverage Valo’s AI capabilities to gain insights from human genetic and patient data related to cardiovascular disease.

Novo Nordisk will make an upfront payment of $60 million to Valo Health, with the potential for milestone payments reaching up to $2.7 billion. Valo will also earn royalties from the sales of any products commercialized as a result of the alliance

Novo Nordisk, traditionally known for its diabetes treatments, is expanding into other cardiometabolic disorders, including weight loss indications. This collaboration aligns with their strategy to diversify their drug portfolio. The company has been active in pursuing partnerships and acquisitions to achieve this goal.

Article written by Frank Vinluan



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