Dexcom, a leader in continuous glucose monitoring systems for people with diabetes, and SocialDiabetes, a globally certified medical device platform for diabetes management, have partnered to enhance diabetes control.

This collaboration integrates Dexcom’s device data with other health information like insulin dosing, nutrition, and physical activity into the SocialDiabetes platform. This provides patients and healthcare professionals with a comprehensive metabolic profile, empowering better decision-making and optimizing diabetes management.

This partnership aims to offer people with diabetes advanced self-management technology, reinforcing key features of SocialDiabetes with accurate Dexcom data. Healthcare providers will benefit from organized, continuous data for efficient and personalized patient follow-up. Both companies are excited about the potential to improve the quality of life for individuals with diabetes through advanced technology and health innovation. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in diabetes care, enabling patients to take more informed and autonomous control of their condition.

Article written by Social Diabetes|Image by Unsplash



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