Fertility care provider Ovum Health has partnered with IBM to enhance its web and mobile app-based chat and scheduling solution using AI. Ovum Health’s platform offers personalized support for pre-pregnancy, prenatal, and postnatal healthcare, utilizing medical software, clinical decision support, lab testing, and analytics.

With the help of IBM’s Watson Assistant, they developed the «FertilityAnswers Bot» to address private fertility questions with input from healthcare experts. The bot also enables patients to schedule medical appointments.

Ovum Health has over 67,000 registered users on its platform and aims to provide clinically validated, empathetic content efficiently. This collaboration with IBM allows them to scale their services effectively while maintaining quality care. Ovum Health plans to continue working with IBM to develop more AI-powered solutions, with support from the IBM Build Fund. IBM has a significant presence in healthcare, including partnerships with organizations like the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust for intelligent virtual assistants.

Article written by Jordan Sollof



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