Roche’s Digital Therapeutic App mySugr, has recently showcased in it’s clinical trial the effectiveness of the digital health application in alleviating diabetes distress, a condition that affects approximately 35% of type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients and can lead to feelings of hopelessness and discouragement.

This 12-week trial involved nearly 400 patients with various types of diabetes and revealed a significant reduction in diabetes distress, as measured by the PAID scale.

Additionally, the app demonstrated high patient satisfaction, with a minimal dropout rate of 6.4% and consistent daily usage on 93% of trial days, which is unusual for digital health products.

While secondary endpoints like HbA1c levels did not exhibit significant improvements, positive trends in glycemic control were observed.

Researchers now aim to make the mySugr Pro app a prescribable digital health application in Germany, leveraging the existing DiGA framework. The increasing popularity of digital health applications in Germany’s healthcare sector is evident, with over 200,000 DiGA product prescriptions in the first nine months of 2022.

Article written by Phil Taylor



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