Telehealth giant Amwell is collaborating with Nestlé Health Science to develop digital health initiatives focused on nutrition.

Their initial offering, the Advanced Surgical Nutrition Automated Care Program, integrates Amwell’s virtual companion service with Nestlé’s Impact Advanced Recovery drink. This program is accessible to patients undergoing major elective surgery in the U.S., providing both the drink and a digital platform for patient education, progress evaluation, and adherence monitoring. The aim is to enhance pre-operative patient experiences and improve compliance with care plans.

Amwell and Nestlé plan to continue collaborating on projects to enhance healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. Amwell, a prominent telehealth company, is migrating clients to its Converge software, consolidating services and integrating third-party tools to elevate telehealth services. Their collaboration with Nestlé represents the first of many joint initiatives. Amwell’s automated care programs utilize virtual companions to offer guidance, from discharge instructions to escalating users to higher levels of care if necessary. Nestlé Health Science specializes in consumer health, medical nutrition products, and nutritional pharmaceutical therapies.

Article written by Emily Olsen|Image by Unsplash



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