A digital therapeutic called MamaLift Plus, designed to assist women in managing mood disturbances after giving birth, has demonstrated its effectiveness in a randomized clinical trial.

Developed by Curio Digital Therapeutics, the SuMMER trial involved a mobile-based program that offers self-help tools, educational content, and trackers for sleep, mood, and activity.

The trial included 141 women with confirmed moderate postpartum depression diagnoses, as assessed by the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS). Over an eight-week period, the treatment group using MamaLift Plus showed a significant improvement in EPDS scores, with 83% achieving a four-point or greater reduction in scores compared to only 22% in the control group using a placebo app. A secondary endpoint revealed that 82% of the MamaLift Plus group achieved a 13-point or greater improvement, moving them out of the moderate depression category, in contrast to 30% of those using the sham software. Postpartum depression affects up to 15% of women, and the MamaLift Plus digital therapeutic offers support to manage perinatal mood disturbances.

Curio Digital Therapeutics has also developed other women’s health digital therapeutics, such as FertiCalm and FertiLift for those trying to start a family, as well as BellaLift, a wellness app that offers guided interventions and online consultations to help women achieve their healthcare goals.

Article written by  Phil Taylor| Image by Unsplash



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