A new generative AI tool has been introduced to assist doctors in Japan in summarizing lengthy and detailed initial patient interviews. Japanese startup Ubie has launched a feature called the «Medical Interview Summary Function» on its AI-powered patient service platform, known as the Ubie Medical Navi. This platform replaces traditional paper medical questionnaires with digital forms for patients and tailors preliminary interviews to patients’ symptoms.

Patients answer 20-30 questions about their symptoms and lifestyle habits on the digital form, and the AI-driven feature automatically generates a summary for doctors. To maintain accuracy and reliability, the original text is used as a reference during summarization.

The summary feature is available to all 1,500 healthcare professionals using the Ubie Medical Navi across 47 Japanese prefectures at no extra cost. Ubie developed this feature based on feedback from busy doctors who wanted a more efficient way to understand and communicate patient concerns and symptoms.

A trial with Ubie Medical Navi users showed that the AI-driven feature improved patient communication and operational efficiency. Doctors found the summarized text easy to understand and valuable for their work, reducing the time and effort required to prepare patient notes. The feature has become indispensable for many medical examinations, according to one doctor user.

Article written by Adam Ang| Image by Pexels