BlaDiMiR, a project of the joint unit CIEMAT and 12 de Octubre for the diagnosis and treatment of bladder cancer, wins the Pfizer Award for the best health innovation project arising from the Nodes and Adhering Centers of the ITEMAS-ISCIII Platform was delivered in the framework of the ISCIII platforms conferences. 

Currently, bladder cancer diagnosis relies on either highly insensitive, costly, and invasive methods. This has a direct impact on the well-being of individuals dealing with the condition and places a considerable financial burden on healthcare systems globally during the course of their medical monitoring.

The BlaDimiR system (Bladder Diagnostic miRNAs) emerges as a simple, fast, cheap and non-invasive alternative to solve these problems. BlaDiMiR is a revolutionary medical device designed to diagnose and treat bladder cancer based on a simple determination of small RNA molecules in patient urine samples. This system has proven to be capable of accurately diagnosing bladder cancer in more than 90% of the samples analyzed. This result is much better than those shown by cystoscopy (gold standard) and other existing commercial systems.

The device not only diagnoses the presence of bladder cancer but also allows for continuous monitoring of the disease’s progression and the patient’s response to treatment.

One of the key advantages of BlaDiMiR is its accuracy. It can provide reliable results without being influenced by factors that might cause false positives, such as the presence of blood in the urine. Additionally, BlaDiMiR can identify low-risk bladder cancer cases that often go undetected by conventional diagnostic methods.

Article written by ITEMAS| Image by Unsplash