The Ribera health group participates in a European research project, named ODELIA, which seeks to facilitate the massive analysis of patient data, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prevent breast cancer. Specifically, and as explained by the management of ODELIA, this project aims to “overcome the obstacles of collecting information on patients’ health with guarantees”, to advance early, better and more precise diagnosis and treatment of different pathologies, especially some types of cancer, such as breast cancer.

Ribera is a reference in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, with a Breast Area led by Dr. Julia Camps and which is made up of a multidisciplinary team of almost a hundred professionals. The participation of the Ribera health group, through its foundation, in this European project allows it to be part of the team that is already designing open source software to develop the first clinically useful AI algorithm for the detection of breast cancer in MRI. magnetic.

This project promises to enhance individualized patient treatments, predict disease progression, and reduce uncertainty in breast cancer evolution and drug responses, leading to earlier and more certain personalized treatments.

This week marked a significant milestone in the project, as they advanced a common tool that enables valuable information exchange without sharing patient data. The directors of the Ribera Salud Foundation and the Breast Area, Mercedes Gozalbo and Julia Camps, attended the meeting, emphasizing the importance of collective participation in the AI model’s learning process.

The ODELIA project employs decentralized swarm machine learning, allowing multiple collaborators to share information without compromising patient data privacy and security, while still benefiting from collective learning. This innovative approach reduces bias in AI models and increases precision by combining data from various organizations, fostering better data governance and privacy protection. The Ribera Salud Foundation director underscores the significance of this collaborative effort to advance AI in healthcare.

Article written by  Ribera Salud| Image by Unsplash



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