Alercell, Inc., a cutting-edge molecular diagnostics company specializing in revolutionizing therapeutics, particularly in Oncology In-Vitro Diagnostic Testing, proudly announces a groundbreaking patent license agreement with Columbia University.

Under this agreement, Alercell will lead the development of an innovative diagnostic test for Leukemia, utilizing terminal erythroid differentiation (TED) as a vital prognostic indicator for patients with myeloid malignancies. TED’s absence is associated with poor patient outcomes, and monitoring TED levels can enhance the accuracy of existing prognostic scoring systems.

This license provides Alercell exclusive rights to develop and market patented intellectual property created by Dr. Azra Raza, MD, and Abdullah Ali, PhD, at Columbia University. Frederic Scheer, Alercell’s CEO, expressed great excitement about the agreement, emphasizing their commitment to saving lives and making early diagnosis a reality. This milestone solidifies Alercell’s dedication to pioneering advancements in cancer diagnostics, potentially transforming cancer care.

Article written by  Frederic Scheer| Image by Unsplash