Roche has announced collaborations with Ibex Medical Analytics and Amazon Web Services to provide pathology laboratories with AI-powered decision support tools through the navify® Digital Pathology software platform. This digital pathology solution digitizes traditional pathology workflows, offering efficiency, in-depth analysis, and collaborative opportunities. The integrated AI-based tools enhance clinical decision support, improve productivity, and reduce turnaround time in pathology laboratories.

Ibex’s AI algorithms assist clinicians in diagnosing breast and prostate cancer, offering efficient, accurate, and timely diagnosis, case prioritization, grading, subtype identification, and non-cancerous feature detection. These algorithms are used worldwide and have demonstrated improvements in patient care through clinical studies. Roche’s solution and Ibex’s algorithms are hosted on Amazon Web Services, providing a secure and scalable platform to accelerate the adoption of digital pathology and AI.

This collaboration aims to enhance lab efficiency, biopsy review, and patient care, as cloud-based services enable labs to handle increasing cancer incidence and pathology workloads while ensuring flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness. Roche, as a leading pathology lab solutions provider, offers end-to-end digital pathology solutions to support healthcare providers and researchers in delivering reliable results.

Article written by  Jo Lynn Garing| Image by Pexels