Parkinson’s disease is a rapidly growing neurological disorder affecting over 10 million people globally, leading to various motor symptoms due to neurotransmitter loss, particularly dopamine.

Current symptom management includes physical exercises, medication, and surgery, but it can be suboptimal, especially as symptoms progress.

Charco Neurotech, a UK-based medtech company, has developed the CUE1, a non-invasive wearable device designed to assist individuals with Parkinson’s disease in managing their motor symptoms by providing targeted stimulation and cueing to reduce symptoms.

The technology’s inspiration dates back to Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot’s observations in the 19th century and has been refined through prototyping and feedback from patients. Focused stimulation has been shown to be more effective in alleviating symptoms, and cueing provides external triggers for movement.

CUE1 provides vibrotactile stimulation and cueing which improves motor skills, walking parameters, and reduces freeze-of-gait and stiffness. It is worn on the sternum and can also offer medication reminders and symptom tracking through a mobile application.

The device is already available in the UK, with plans for expansion to the EU and the US, providing hope for improved quality of life for Parkinson’s patients.

Article written by  CONN HASTINGS