BD, a prominent global medical technology company, has introduced a new needle-free blood draw technology that is compatible with integrated catheters, aligning with its «One-Stick Hospital Stay» vision.

This innovation, named the PIVO™ Pro facilitates high-quality blood sample collection directly from a patient’s peripheral IV line, reducing the need for additional needlesticks. Given that more than 60 percent of adults experience needle phobia, this technology aims to enhance the patient experience by alleviating the fear and anxiety associated with repetitive needlesticks.

Eric Borin, worldwide president of Medication Delivery Solutions at BD, emphasized the impact of this innovation in expanding needle-free blood collection, reducing unnecessary needlesticks, and improving clinical outcomes. Peripheral IV insertion and blood collection are among the most common in-patient procedures in hospitals, and they are often associated with complications, such as insertion difficulties, catheter failures, and poor sample quality. The PIVO™ Pro offers a solution to access optimal blood draw conditions, enhance clinician efficiency, and improve the patient experience while reducing complications, needlestick injuries, and blood exposure.

This innovation has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Article written by  News BD| Image by Unsplash



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