Scientists at the University of Sheffield and Nottingham Trent University are developing the world’s first lateral flow test to detect aggressive, recurring brain tumors.

This test, similar to those used during the Covid-19 pandemic, is designed to be used at home and aims to target aggressive recurring tumors that cause nearly 200,000 deaths annually worldwide.

Tumor recurrence after initial treatment is difficult to predict, leading to poor prognosis. The technology, funded by the Medical Research Council, will focus on developing lateral flow tests that can detect specific tumor-related molecules in the blood, providing early indications of tumor recurrence.

This advancement has the potential to improve the lives of many people and reduce the need for frequent MRI scans and clinic appointments. The research is currently in the prototype stage, with the goal of detecting cancers like glioblastoma, the most malignant brain tumor. If successful, this technology could offer regular, affordable disease monitoring for patients at home, potentially extending its use to other types of cancer and saving lives globally.

Article written by  Frederic Scheer| Image by Unsplash



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