Antibiotic resistance has become one of the main concerns for global health since the range of these available drugs is in many cases decreasing and the emergence of multi-resistant bacteria puts global health systems in check. Furthermore, to all this problem we must add that currently around 30% of erroneous antibiotic administrations occur in Spain.

Pragmatech AI Solutions, a pioneering Asturian startup in the use of artificial intelligence in the field of infectious diseases, is piloting its AST software to assist antibiotic prescription at HM Hospitals. The partnership has resulted in the initiation of EVIAST, a clinical trial involving around 300 patients from the HM Montepríncipe University Hospital. The trial aims to test a software developed by Pragmatech AI Solutions, designed to aid healthcare professionals in prescribing the most suitable and precise antibiotic for combating infections.

Dr. José Barberán, Head of Internal Medicine at HM Montepríncipe, emphasizes the inadequacy of empirical antimicrobial treatment in serious infections, citing error rates as high as 30%. The immediate consequences include increased mortality, prolonged hospital stays, and higher economic costs. The collaboration aims to leverage artificial intelligence programs, like Pragmatech’s AST, to improve outcomes in antimicrobial therapy. The software incorporates complex AI-based algorithms, considering microorganism knowledge, existing resistance data from clinical literature, international guidelines, and local bacterial epidemiological data. The iAST software not only reduces errors but also allows for the selection of parameters such as infection type, age, gender, and patient care setting, facilitating the choice of the antibiotic with the highest likelihood of therapeutic success.

The clinical research focuses on validating the software for obtaining the CE marking and authorization for commercialization. Antibiotic resistance poses a significant global health threat, and optimizing antibiotic treatments is a key strategy to address this challenge.

In conclusion, the collaboration between HM Hospitals and Pragmatech AI Solutions represents an innovative approach to address antibiotic resistance through the application of artificial intelligence, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes and cost-effective healthcare solutions.

Article written by IMMédico| Image by Unsplash