OpenAI’s GPT store has seen increased demand for custom GPTs across various fields, including scholarly publishing. SciSpace has recognized the necessity for a tailored GPT for researchers and has launched «ResearchGPT — ChatGPT + SciSpace,» combining ChatGPT’s conversational abilities with SciSpace’s scientific rigor.

ResearchGPT by SciSpace serves as a conversational AI research assistant for researchers and scientists. It enables users to conduct extensive research efficiently, discover research papers from a vast repository of over 282 million papers, ask questions about PDF uploads, receive citation-backed answers, explore image-based research, and automate tasks like literature reviews and article outlines.

To get started with ResearchGPT, users need a ChatGPT Plus account. The process involves signing in to ChatGPT Plus, accessing ResearchGPT at, and engaging in a conversation to unveil valuable information.

ResearchGPT supports various use cases in its current version, such as discovering the latest papers, asking questions with citation-backed answers, uploading and exploring PDFs, conducting literature reviews, and image-based research. The upcoming version promises additional features, including the generation of accurate in-text citations in over 2500 citation formats.

ResearchGPT aims to be an all-in-one custom GPT tailored for research, streamlining the research experience for efficiency and precision. As SciSpace continues to enhance its capabilities, ResearchGPT strives to be the preferred tool for researchers and scientists, transforming the landscape of scientific research. Users are encouraged to try ResearchGPT and share their experiences in how it has positively impacted their research workflow.

Article written by Sumalatha G