Forward Health, an AI-driven healthcare startup, has introduced CarePod an automated cabin designed to revolutionize medical consultations. The cabin, equipped with various diagnostic options, allows users to undergo full-body scans, cardiac analyses, thyroid tests, blood pressure checks, weight monitoring, COVID-19 tests, HIV detection, and more. The autonomous system employs AI to conduct health assessments and can even collect throat samples, measure blood pressure, or draw blood as needed. Following the diagnosis, the results are displayed on the screen, and if further examination is necessary, a remote team of around a hundred doctors can intervene, offering services like prescribing medication.

Forward Health’s CEO, Adrian Aoun, expressed the company’s vision to transition away from traditional primary care consultations, believing it to be an outdated approach. The firm, founded in 2016, already operates in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Washington, with less advanced facilities. CarePod, considered their flagship project, aligns with their strategy to migrate all aspects of healthcare, from medical professionals to hardware and software, into a unified digital platform.

The company’s subscription-based business model, priced at $99 per month, offers users access to the full range of CarePod features, including online consultations with physicians through a dedicated app. Forward Health currently does not have partnerships with health insurance providers and emphasizes that it does not engage in selling personal data.

The startup plans to deploy CarePod in locations like offices, gyms, and shopping centers, initially installing 25 cabins with a vision to reach a total of 3,200 within a year.

Article written by Matt Burns



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