Bayer has introduced a digital patient support package in England called My Kidney Assistant to assist individuals with type 2 diabetes in managing kidney health and preventing the progression to chronic kidney disease (CKD). The package offers personalized health information and data recording features, targeting a cohort of diabetes patients, including those diagnosed with CKD.

Kidney damage is a recognized complication of diabetes, affecting approximately 40% of patients who may eventually develop CKD, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

My Kidney Assistant enables users to log health data, set personal goals, and receive reminders for medication, aiming to enhance understanding and management of CKD risk. Developed in collaboration with Cognitant Group, the tool provides advice on health measures such as smoking cessation, diet planning, and regular exercise.

Bayer emphasizes digital health as part of its patient offerings and aims to improve self-management and treatment adherence to reduce disease progression in those with CKD. The company also received approval for the NHS use of Kerendia, a therapy for CKD associated with type 2 diabetes. My Kidney Assistant is expected to contribute to early identification and prevention of complications related to kidney disease.

Article written by Phill Taylors| Image