Huma Therapeutics and Merck Germany, have announced a partnership to develop a digital solution aimed at assisting cancer patients in understanding and managing their conditions and treatments.

The Cross-Indication Disease Management Platform, set for an initial launch in 2024, will initially support urothelial carcinoma patients in the UK. Utilizing Huma’s disease-agnostic Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) technology platform, the collaboration seeks to enhance patient understanding, encourage adherence to treatment, facilitate discussions between patients and their care teams, deliver timely educational content, and foster connections within a supportive community network.

The regulated platform, with EU MDR Class IIb regulation and FDA Class 2 510(k) clearance, is a significant step towards advancing digital-first care and research in oncology. The goal is to simplify the complex journey faced by cancer patients, deepen their understanding of their conditions, and support sustained adherence to therapies.

Article written by Huma| Image Unsplash