Arediana, a brand established in September 2022, aims to counter misinformation about women’s health circulating on the Internet. Recognizing the underexplored nature of women’s health, especially in certain countries, Arediana leverages the internet to combat misinformation. The founders, Fares Amer and Simona Loddo, emphasize the need for reliable information collated by experts to address women’s health concerns.

According to Arediana’s data, a significant number of people seek health solutions online, but many end up frustrated due to unreliable sources. The platform emerged to offer tools supporting women’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Fares Amer, a pharmacist with a preventive medicine and public health Ph.D., and Simona Loddo, a digital marketing expert, created Arediana to contribute to society and provide effective, natural products addressing women’s health imbalances.

Arediana positions itself as a reference place for women, fostering interaction between health professionals and women through various sections, including current content, women’s stories, workshops, conferences, and direct consultations. The platform aspires to create a community where women can share experiences and access updated scientific information.

Furthermore, the brand has a portfolio of natural dietary supplements that can enhance sleep quality, energy levels, and libido in women. The supplements, rooted in natural ingredients, aim to address specific health concerns, such as disturbances while sleeping, daytime sleepiness, stress reduction, and insomnia symptoms.

Arediana’s objective is to be a space where women can participate, inform, and create a community, with features like stories of women sharing their experiences, workshops, conferences, and direct consultations with specialists. The platform also offers special deals throughout the year to make its products more accessible.

Article written by El confidencial| Image by Arediana



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