The Quimiometry, Qualimetry, and Nanosensors Research Group at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), led by Jordi Ferré, has been exploring the application of biosensors for monitoring people’s well-being and health. This research, particularly relevant for athletes, gave rise to Kamleon, a startup born out of URV.

In the sports realm, measuring parameters like heart rate is common, but assessing chemical information, such as urine analysis, is more complex. Kamleon addresses this gap by enabling «the camouflage of technology for real-time chemical analysis in everyday products.

The startup’s first product is a smart urinal capable of measuring individuals’ hydration levels in real-time. This platform analyzes urine parameters non-invasively, assessing colorimetric values, electrolyte concentration, and total urine volume. Users receive results on their smartphones via an app, with notifications prompting them to stay hydrated.

Tested at various sports events, healthcare facilities, and public bathrooms, including the Alpine Skiing World Cup finals and the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, the urinal aims to provide valuable insights into hydration.

Notably, the «smart urinal» stands out for its environmental impact, as each analysis conducted doesn’t require the use of plastics. The startup estimates substantial plastic savings and reduced CO2 emissions, aligning with sustainability goals.

Kamleon is already working on a gender-specific model and exploring the analysis of additional parameters, positioning the «smart urinal» as a forward-looking project.

The S-Urinal, as Kamleon’s product is named, is expected to hit the market around mid-2024.

Article written by Lorena Farràs perez



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