Withings has introduced BeamO, a four-in-one health monitoring device resembling a game stick, capable of functioning as a thermometer, electrocardiogram (ECG), oximeter, and stethoscope. Marketed as «portable and smaller than a smartphone,» BeamO aims to enhance telemedicine visits by providing vital health metrics traditionally measured in-office. Depending on where it is directed, the device can check body temperature, capture chest sounds using a Piezoelectric disc, and measure blood oxygenation and heart rate through a light grip. Information from the BeamO is stored on the Withings app, so users will be able to see their health information over time along with actionable advice. Audio streaming enables providers during telehealth visits to guide patients and focus the BeamO on «specific areas of interest

Priced at $250, BeamO is expected to receive clearance from the US FDA in June, targeting individuals seeking regular wellness screenings without the need for wearables.

Article written by Victoria Song



The Verge