Mental health has become a growing concern, particularly in Spain, where it ranks highest in Europe for adolescent mental health issues, as reported by Save the Children. The Confederación de Salud Mental España reveals that 40% of Spaniards perceive their mental health as poor. A significant challenge for Generation Z, marked by alarming statistics – 50% of young people worldwide face mental health problems, according to Oliver Wyman’s Generation Z: Shaping the Future of Consumer Trends study.

Addressing this issue, Miinta, recognized as the Best Catalan Startup of 2023, emerges as the first mental health chat for teens. Miinta responds to the rise in mental health concerns, exacerbated by the pandemic. Initially embraced video conferencing but pivoted to a chat-based approach, aligning with the communication preferences of today’s youth. Stressing that Miinta doesn’t replace therapy but serves as an «emotional support tool,» the platform channels all user content to professional psychologists.

For €15 monthly, Miinta subscribers gain access to 24/7 chat support, personalized therapeutic exercises, and a dedicated psychologist. This offers a more affordable alternative compared to the average €54 hourly therapy rate in Catalonia. With a focus on schools and universities, where half of students experience depressive symptoms, Miinta aims to bridge the mental health support gap.

Since its March 2023 launch, Miinta has grown its team, engaging over 100 users. They envision for this 2024 an expanded product with an AI-powered virtual assistant and personalized content. Miinta’s founders emphasize the need to understand the unique mental health paradigm of Generation Z, emphasizing daily support over traditional therapy, as they prepare to lead society in the future.

Article written by David Lombrana



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