A Danone-commissioned Ipsos survey shows that 64% of European cancer patients experience nutritional issues, such as loss of appetite and nausea, leading to weight loss and malnutrition. Despite 83% acknowledging the importance of nutrition, one in four patients lacks timely advice, highlighting the urgent need for consistent access to credible nutrition guidance during treatment.

Danone and Resilience have collaborated to address the nutritional needs of cancer patients during treatment. Danone’s expertise in medical nutrition merges with Resilience’s digital oncology solution, which combines patient monitoring and effective tools for managing treatment-related side effects. This integrated approach aims to provide comprehensive support, and the nutrition and oncology module developed by the partnership is seamlessly incorporated into Resilience’s platform.

The module offers evidence-based insights from Danone’s clinical research and scientific literature, ensuring that healthcare professionals and patients have access to credible nutrition information. Katrien van Laere, Senior VP R&I for Danone, emphasizes the partnership’s goal of contributing to patient well-being and improving outcomes for individuals impacted by cancer. By integrating nutrition modules and screening tools into Resilience’s digital oncology solution, the collaboration strives to enhance the overall quality of care for cancer patients.

Article written by Danone