The University Hospital Infanta Leonor, has received recognition for its innovative project called «INTOMED.» Developed by the Pharmacy Service in collaboration with the Biomedical Research and Innovation Foundation of the Infanta Leonor and Sureste university hospitals, along with the Fructose Intolerance Association (AAIHF), this project aims to determine the suitability of medications for patients with food intolerances or metabolic diseases.

«INTOMED» is an application that classifies medications based on their excipients, addressing various dietary intolerances (celiac disease, lactose intolerance, fructose malabsorption), metabolic disorders (hereditary fructose intolerance-IHF, galactosemia, phenylketonuria), and diabetes mellitus.

Serves as a supportive tool, simplifying the search for medications for one or more of the mentioned diseases. The target audience includes patients, their families, and healthcare professionals such as primary care and specialized doctors, hospital pharmacists, community pharmacists, and nurses. The application allows patients to easily find medications suitable for their condition while providing reliable information on their tolerance in specific diseases. It also offers details on excipient metabolism, information on medications available in Spain (national code, ATC classification, prescription requirements, etc.), and the option to download technical specifications and leaflets.

The app, available for free on Android and iOS, as well as in a web version, streamlines the process of searching for medications, replacing the individual and time-consuming method of checking various databases or reading product leaflets.

The project emerged as the winner of the «Pharmacists Against Health Misinformation Challenge» at the VIII Health Hackathon, held at the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital. Out of 65 projects received, 28 reached the final stage.

The Pharmacy Service of the Infanta Leonor-Virgen de la Torre University Hospital, responsible for the app’s development, ensures regular updates and database functionality reviews. Beyond technological applications, the hospital’s Pharmacy Service is dedicated to enhancing patient safety through effective and efficient pharmacotherapy, as well as exploring strategies for personalized medicine in the realm of pharmacotherapy. The recognition of «INTOMED» highlights a significant step towards improving medication safety and accessibility for patients with specific health conditions.

Article written by IMMédico