Shenzhen, China’s tech hub, made a significant stride in healthcare logistics with the launch of the country’s first blood transportation drone platform. Developed by the Shenzhen Blood Center in partnership with China Telecom’s Shenzhen branch, the platform promises swift and efficient delivery of blood samples across the city, revolutionizing medical emergency response.

The inaugural flight, witnessed against Shenzhen’s skyline, showcased the integration of 5G technology and artificial intelligence. With transportation times slashed from 60 minutes to just nine minutes between the blood center and medical institutions like the Luohu District People’s Hospital.

This innovative system addresses challenges posed by urban ground traffic, particularly in emergencies requiring timely blood delivery. The «5G Intelligent Air Harbor» at the core of this technology ensures real-time monitoring of transportation and enhances the safety of the cold chain, crucial for preserving blood integrity.

The platform underwent extensive testing, completing 203 trial runs and transporting 434 kilograms of blood and blood-related products.

The unveiling of the blood transportation drone platform not only meets a critical need in healthcare logistics but also positions Shenzhen as a model for leveraging advanced technology to enhance public services. Its impact is expected to extend beyond Shenzhen, influencing the adoption of similar solutions across China as the country continues to embrace technological innovation for societal betterment.

Article written by Wang Xu in Shenzhen, Guangdong 



China Daily