Andalusian research and expertise in public health are making waves beyond regional borders. The Foundation for Progress and Health (FPS), under the Andalusian Ministry of Health and Consumption, has designed the first manuals for setting the parameters that will be followed by the evaluations of digital technologies of the European project ASSES-DH. This initiative aims to develop standardized methodologies for evaluating digital health technologies across Europe. These frameworks will form the basis for assessing digital health technologies in various case studies within the project. By doing so, FPS is pioneering a novel approach to evaluating artificial intelligence models in healthcare within the context of public healthcare systems.

The project encompasses the creation of a comprehensive framework covering criteria for evaluating digital health technologies, including telemedicine and artificial intelligence applications. Additionally, FPS is designing a suite of tools to assist technology developers in refining their evidence generation strategies and evaluating AI-driven decision support systems.

ASSESS-DHT is a collaborative effort involving 14 entities from across Europe, including health technology assessment agencies, academic institutions, and research organizations. With a budget of €500,000 allocated to FPS, the project aims to promote the adoption of effective digital health technologies throughout Europe. By fostering a unified market for digital health technologies, ASSESS-DHT endeavors to make these innovations more accessible to healthcare systems and patients.

This project draws upon the methodological research expertise of three key areas within FPS: Health Technology Assessment, Big Data Analytics from the Computational Medicine Platform, and the Technology Transfer Office. Together, these areas will drive forward projects focused on the evaluation, analysis, and transfer of AI-based healthcare technologies.

Article written by Diaro Farma| Image by Unsplash



Diarfio Farma