Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) has garnered attention with its introduction of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven ER patient app within CHLA’s emergency department, a move aimed at improving patient engagement and the overall experience in the emergency room.

The collaboration aims to enhance transparency and clarity for patients and their families during stressful times. The app, aptly named «MyVisit,» leverages AI to offer real-time updates on various aspects of the patient journey, including wait times, lab and imaging results, progress towards discharge, and patient education. Accessible through CHLA’s existing «MyVisit» platform and powered by Vital’s ERAdvisor, the digital solution requires no app download or account registrations, ensuring seamless integration into the emergency department workflow.

Omkar Kulkarni, Vice President & Chief Digital and Transformation Officer at CHLA, highlights the importance of transparent communication and real-time updates in alleviating anxiety for parents and caregivers during emergency visits.

Furthermore, the app’s multilingual support, including English and Spanish, ensures accessibility for a diverse patient population, promoting inclusivity and patient engagement.

CHLA’s partnership with Vital has led to the integration of ERAdvisor, an AI-driven tool revolutionizing emergency care. ERAdvisor offers features such as patient education, real-time surveys, service requests, and follow-up scheduling, contributing to a more streamlined healthcare service.

Article written by Business Wire| Image by Unsplash



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