VÓCALI, a leader in language technology-based software solutions for the healthcare sector, has developed Genesis, a groundbreaking artificial intelligence service designed to streamline medical record completion through conversations between healthcare providers and patients.

This innovative service aims to alleviate the administrative burden on physicians and enhance patient experiences. With Genesis, healthcare professionals no longer need to divert their attention to screens and keyboards while interacting with patients.

Powered by INVOX Medical technology, Genesis harnesses linguistically tailored models for each medical specialty and our healthcare-specific speech recognition engine, trained on thousands of hours of medical transcriptions, to capture and process conversations. Finally, employing generative artificial intelligence algorithms, Genesis transforms these conversations into relevant and structured information, automatically completing medical records in real-time. While currently operational in Spanish, Genesis is expected to expand to Portuguese in the near future.

Pedro Vivancos, Director of Strategy and Innovation at INVOX Medical – VÓCALI, highlights, «We have listened to the market’s requirements and developed a robust, stable, and secure solution for use in real clinical environments. While other ambient voice recognition solutions exist in the market, none possess the expertise and specialization of our technology, which is the result of over 15 years of developing voice and artificial intelligence solutions for the healthcare sector.»

Genesis heralds a new era in healthcare documentation, empowering providers to focus on what truly matters – delivering compassionate care to patients – while ensuring accuracy and efficiency in medical record completion.

Article written by Vocali