Essential tremor, a condition known by various names such as familial, idiopathic, or benign tremor, presents a significant challenge for those affected, often leading to uncontrollable shaking that disrupts daily life. When traditional medications fail to provide relief, surgical intervention becomes a consideration. However, advancements in medical technology have introduced an alternative treatment option known as focused ultrasound, offering hope for those suffering from essential tremor.

Focused ultrasound therapy utilizes MRI-guided sound waves to target precise areas in the brain believed to be responsible for tremors. Unlike traditional surgery, this non-invasive procedure eliminates the need for incisions and typically results in fewer complications. The process begins with low-energy waves to allow patients to communicate any sensations or side effects, ensuring personalized adjustments by the physician. As the treatment progresses, energy levels are gradually increased, ultimately creating a therapeutic lesion that often leads to immediate tremor improvement in the treated hand.

Insightec, based in Haifa, Israel, has recently launched Exablate Prime, the latest iteration of its MR-guided focused ultrasound technology. This next-generation system represents a significant advancement in incisionless neurosurgery, building upon years of research and development aimed at improving precision, efficiency, and patient experience. Like its predecessor, Exablate Prime offers outpatient procedures for conditions such as essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease, providing relief without the need for invasive surgery.

Notable enhancements of Exablate Prime include a user-friendly interface, guided workflows, and automated steps to optimize productivity. The system incorporates intelligent algorithms for precise targeting and lesion shaping, as well as advanced features for temperature-driven control and therapy delivery. Improved cyber security, PACS connectivity, and remote planning further enhance the overall functionality and safety of the system. With CE approval obtained, Exablate Prime is poised to make a significant impact on incisionless neurosurgery in Europe.

Maurice R. Ferre, M.D., CEO and chairman of Insightec, expressed pride in the development of Exablate Prime, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize neurosurgery. Giuseppe Carbone, vice president of Insightec Europe, highlighted the positive impact Exablate Prime is expected to have on patients and physicians across Europe, particularly for those living with essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease. As technology continues to advance, innovations like Exablate Prime offer hope for improved outcomes and quality of life for individuals facing neurological conditions.

Article written by MedImaging