Amadix, a Spanish biotechnology company headquartered in Valladolid, specializes in developing tests to detect various types of cancer at a very early stage using a blood sample, emerges triumphant in the challenge set forth by AstraZeneca España and Wayra, the corporate venture capital arm of Telefónica.

Their mission: to seek cutting-edge solutions leveraging the most disruptive technologies on the market to aid in lung cancer research in Spain. With approximately 20,000 new cases of lung cancer diagnosed annually, Spain faces a significant burden, with lung cancer ranking among the most prevalent and deadly tumors.

Out of over 20 submissions, three startups stood out as finalists in this second challenge focusing on lung oncology. Amadix presented a non-invasive test empowered by AI, capable of predicting risk and confirming lung cancer diagnoses in cases with inconclusive results, presented by Lourdes Planelles, the company’s scientific director, and Elena Sánchez, operations director.

AstraZeneca pledges €10,000 to support the winning startup’s solution development, coupled with expert support from both the healthcare sector and entrepreneurship realm. Additionally, Amadix gains access to Wayra’s internal and external events to amplify visibility and introduce their solution to the international market, fostering a robust network of connections. Ultimately, AstraZeneca will evaluate a potential partnership for funding and piloting the project within the Spanish healthcare system.

Planelles emphasizes, «We are experiencing a unique moment where biotechnology, coupled with artificial intelligence, enables us to develop innovative tools to address one of the primary challenges in combating lung cancer: early diagnosis to improve patient survival.» She further elaborates on their collaboration with AstraZeneca, highlighting their commitment to innovation in propelling forward their DiagnoLung test—a blood test utilizing specific biomarkers in conjunction with patient clinical characteristics and diagnostic imaging to detect lung cancer in its early stages.

The partnership between Amadix, AstraZeneca, and Wayra exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in the fight against cancer, marking a significant stride forward in enhancing patient outcomes and advancing medical technology.

Article written by Diario de Valladolid



Diario de Valladolid